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  • Tim is so nice. He lets me talk about whatever I want. He has really helped me feel better about myself and better about school.
  • Nice office atmosphere. Great therapist. Reliable and efficient. I enjoy coming back.
  • I appreciate that my therapist at the ATTN Center is always honest with me. He is very experienced, but more importantly he really cares.
  • I like my group. Tim helps us talk out our problems and be a good friend. It’s a lot of fun.
  • My therapist made me feel comfortable and safe, like I wasn’t being judged for having ADHD. That’s rare.
  • The ATTN Center helped me get my life on track. Since college I was so disorganized, and it was really costing me at work and in my relationships. My therapist helped me understand my ADHD, and we built a structure for my life that actually works. Highly recommended!

Helping Your Husband with ADHD

Tim is the co-author of Helping Your Husband with ADHD. If you are the wife of a man with ADD/ADHD this may have struck a painful chord, and for good reason. Beyond the daily difficulties of being on the receiving end of ADD/ADHD, your plight is often ignored by therapists and other professionals. Yes, many books and articles have been written describing the challenges of people with ADD/ADHD, but few focus on those who suffer the most from this condition – namely, their partners.

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